How to Use PUSH Feature on MXC Exchange?

What is PUSH?

PUSH is a feature that enables customer-to-customer transaction where the buyer can first release purchase order, while the seller can select the proper price released by the buyer to sell his positions.

How to PUSH?

Step 1: Buy Crypto > PUSH

Step 2: Release your purchase order by clicking “Release purchase information” as shown below. Here takes DORA/USDT pair as an example.

Step3: Enter the price and amount you want to buy, then click “Confirm and release information”.

Step 4: If you do not want to buy after releasing the purchase order, you can visit “My Buy/Sell History” — “Cancel”. (It is only available for unfilled or partially filled orders).

Step 5: The one who wants to sell his position can select the purchase order, and click “PUSH”. Then, enter the amount you want to sell in the popup window.


1. Since the purchase price is placed by the buyer itself, please do not put a wrong price (considerably higher than other orders), otherwise it may soon be pushed and you have to borne the losses.

2. After PUSH, the deal is completed without re-confirmation, please be aware of it before participating.



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