MEXC Exchange Lists Rainmaker Games (RAIN) — Deposit, Trade and Hold to Win 80,000 USDT!

3 min readJan 10, 2022


MEXC Exchange lists Rainmaker Games (RAIN) in the Innovation Zone and launch trading for RAIN/USDT trading pair. The specific timeline is as shown below:

  1. Deposit & Withdrawal: Opened
  2. RAIN/USDT Trading: 2022–01–10 10:00 (UTC)

Note: Prices may move greatly for projects listed in the Innovation Zone, please be cautious of the risks.

RAIN Deposit, Trading and Holding Contest — 80,000 USDT to be Won!

In order to thank RAIN community members for their support, the Rainmaker Games team decided to launch a Deposit, Trading and Holding Contest with 80,000 USDT to be won! The details are as follows:

1) Deposit and win a share of 10,000 USDT Giveaway

Activity Period: 2022–01–10 02:00–2022–01–13 15:00

Rules: During the event duration, users that deposit RAIN with a minimum net deposit of $50 worth of RAIN can share a 10,000 USDT prize pool. Prizes received by each user are proportional to the size of the individual’s deposit amounts during the event.

2) Trading Contest — Grand Prize

Activity Period: 2022–01–10 10:00–2022–01–13 15:00

Rules: During the event duration, users who achieve a minimum trading volume of 10,000 USDT for RAIN trading can stand a chance to win 22,000 USDT. Users will be ranked according to their total trading volume, rewards distribution are as below:

3) Trading Contest — Participation Prize

Rules: All RAIN traders with a minimum trading volume of 500 USDT for RAIN are eligible to share a 8,000 USDT prize pool. Prizes received by each user are proportional to the individual trading volume during the event.

4) Holding Event — Grand Prize

Activity Period: 2022–01–10 10:00–2022–01–14 15:00

Rules: During the event duration, MEXC will take a snapshot of each user’s RAIN balance at a random time every day. The top 20 users with the highest average holding amount of RAIN on MEXC will win a share of a 30,000 USDT prize pool.

5) Holding Event — Participation Prize

During the event duration, users who have an average RAIN holding amount of 500 RAIN and above on MEXC will split a 10,000 USDT prize pool in proportion to users’ individual holding amount.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Net Deposit = Deposit — Withdrawal; Valid Trading Volume = Buys + Sells.
  2. Snapshots will only cover users’ RAIN in the Spot wallet.
  3. Users participating in this event must complete the required KYC verification before the end of the event to be deemed eligible for the rewards.
  4. Winner list and rewards will be announced and distributed within 10 days after the event concludes.
  5. Users that ranked in the top 10 traders in the RAIN Trading Contest and the top 20 holders in the RAIN Holding Event are not qualified for the Participation Prize.
  6. MEXC reserves the right to disqualify users that are deemed to be wash trading, illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation.
  7. This event was initiated by the Rainmaker Games official team, and the rewards are provided by the project party. All participating users are deemed to participate voluntarily. This event does not constitute any investment advice.
  8. MEXC has the final interpretation right of this event.

Project Info

(This information is provided by the project team. Strictly for references only.)

Project Name: Rainmaker Games (RAIN)

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 RAIN

Official Website:

Block Explorer (ERC20/BEP20):





Project Brief Introduction:

Born from a world-class gaming guild, Rainmaker Games is now launching their global tech platform that brings gamers, guilds and games together. The platform is focused on enabling every player who wants an opportunity to join the play to earn ecosystem to do so, regardless of financial circumstance.