MEXC Fans:After SOS, the new Gas DAO (GAS) appears. Will it start another craze?

【GAS Introduction】

GAS is the governing token of GAS DAO, a super DAO with the vision to become the heart and voice of the largest Web3 local user community on the Ethereum network through on-and off-chain governance and connect the worlds of DeFi, NFTs and DApps. As a decentralized autonomous organization, its initial allocation is 100 times larger than the first DAOs, and is free and fair. Eligible wallets form a extensive alliance among the most active users of DeFi, DApps, and NFTs, potentially making Gas DAO one of the most diverse and influential communities in Web3 history.

The Tutorial Of GAS Airdrop


2.Connect Wallet

3. Claim Tokens

4. Claim Airdrop

5、After claim then deposit into MEXC

SOS went online on MEXC, with a gain of up to 5785%. The new Gas DAO (GAS) will be listed at 10:00 (UTC) on December 29. Complete deposits to split 1000MX!



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