MEXC Global Exchange Updates ETF Treasure Chest” Event

  1. Reward pool has a total of 50 thousand USDT, users are rewarded according to form submission on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Event rewards are evaluated and distributed once every two days. The rewards can be accumulated and collected at once. Please pay attention to your spot account.
  3. Please do not transfer the deposited assets before the reward is issued, or you will be unable to receive the reward.
  1. The N users who took the lead in the transaction are referred as: N users before the timeline of the first transaction ETF after the event starts.
  2. Accumulated transaction amount = buy transaction amount + sell transaction amount.
  3. Reward distribution rules: the reward of the event will be airdropped into your account within 7 working days after the end of the event. Please check in “spot account” — “deposit record” — “other records”.
  4. In order to create a fair trading environment, the platform has the right to require the reward-winning users to carry out KYC verification; if there are multiple accounts under the same IP address and they are suspected of cheating, the platform has the right to cancel the reward qualification of all accounts under its IP address.
  5. For consultation activities, please add the little assistant at Telegram:@MEXCMint.
  6. The final interpretation right of the event shall be officially owned by MEXC.




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Cryptocurreny News Fans

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